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Kringle Academy by Geoff Monmoth

Kringle Academy by Geoff Monmoth

In this humorous skit, suitable as a one act play, radio drama, or one-person show, a young boy is enrolled in Kringle Academy, a school run by Santa Claus in the North Pole. The piece makes gentle fun of both Harry Potter and tween fiction. 4M, 2F characters. 

  • Performance Rights

    Purchase of this selection entitles you to use it in competitions, classrooms, auditions, and any other setting where you are performing without financial gain or expectation of finacial gain. Recording your performance for competition or educational use is allowed so long as that recording is not done for financial gain (excluding academic scholarships or one-time competition awards). You must credit the original author in oral presentation. If you post in any venue a recording of your performance, you must also credit Your Speech Chef. You may cut portions of the original work for your performance and make minor changes for time, clarity, or to remove objectionable language. You may change character pronouns unless the piece author expressly forbids this change. All other rights, including the right to copy, sell, or distribute this material remains exclusively with Your Speech Chef.  

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